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By using the best equipment out there, the process is much quicker and easier than pails and squeegees. Sealing asphalt protects it by preventing deterioration and keeping it structurally sound.

Sealer blocks the rough Wisconsin weather and other elements from getting through to your asphalt.

Our Services



Cut overgrown grass along blacktop to allow sealer to be applied to edge for a manicured finish


Remove loose debris and dirt from surface, cracks and joints with a power blower to promote adhesion of sealer


Heat-Treat Oil Spots

Torch and prime with Petro Seal to prevent bleeding through of oil and grease spots after sealcoating.

Patch Cracks

Clean and fill major cracks with hot industrial grade rubberized crack filler. Meets Federal Specification Sealer ASTM 3405

Pavement Sealer

Application of industrial grade pavement sealer. Apply coat of Federal Specification Sealer, mixed with 3 lbs. of silica sand per gallon and 3% rubber additive.

Barricade Access

We will block the newly sealed asphalt with Advance Sealcoating banners for 24 hours

Upon arrival we will stake off your driveway to prepare the area so once the job is complete the area will be blocked from unwanted traffic with our banners.We will  edge your driveway to ensure sealer will adhere to the full driveway for a manicured finish. Industrial blowers and power brooms are used to clean your asphalt and cracks free of rocks, dirt and debris. We will fill all your major cracks with hot industrial grade tar. We inspect the asphalt for any oil or grease spots and will heat treat and or use poly prime to cover and seal the spots to avoid bleed through the finished sealer. Next we will begin spraying the sealer on the driveway and continue with the layout process.

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